IELTS Tauranga language preparation private study best cheapest very good

Honestly, the main reason why I take IELTS courses is because the test is one of admission requirements for my overseas grad school. Then, I with my friends contacted WLC to book some courses for enhancing our IELTS skills. At last, I have obtained a proper score to have a seat at the University College London (UCL) in UK. Therefore, I would recommend WLC for anybody who wants sharpening their English capability!

See ya!

Hagorly M. Hutasuhut


Dear WLC,

Here I am outside Buckingham Place during my holiday from study at Leeds University. I’m so glad I took the WLC IELTS course and I can finally reach my dream of learning a Master’s degree overseas. Say hello to everyone at WLC and thanks again.

Sinta, Law Student

Leeds University, UK