IELTS Preparation

IELTS Tauranga language preparation private study
IELTS 20 Hour Preparation Course

Class Times
Tuesdays and Thursdays


Whether you are intending to study, work or move overseas, properly prepare yourself to take the IELTS test by enrolling in a course at WLC. All courses cover the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Qualified and experienced teachers give you the confidence to develop your language, and a WLC course will provide you with the tips and strategies to successfully prepare for the test.



IELTS Class Schedule, 2017

5—31 January 4—27 July
2—28 February 1—24 August
2—28 March 5—28 September
30 Mar.— 27 Apr. 3—26 October
2—25 May 2—28 November
1—27 June 30 Nov.—21 Dec.

IELTS 20 Hour Course : $400

Course Registration    : $50

IELTS Prediction Test
If you would like to know your predicted IELTS result, take an IELTS practice test.
WLC offer full IELTS practice tests. The test takes approximately 4 hours.

Full IELTS Practice Test (4 hours) : $50
(Test available on request}

Private Tuition

1 Student $50 per hour
2 Students $60 per hour
3 Students $80 per hour

(Schedule dependent on availability)